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  1. Hi guys, Thank you for your answers. @jalal Yes I will read it for sure, your ban procedure is a bit different from our. And I will ofc apply your rules and you servers. @Mr_Roky_HD You don't see me a lot because I usually play on inF server but they are offline right now. And I only play TDM ???? @SHooTeR OK, I'll upload all my demo here. inF|Gus
  2. Your in-game name inF|Gus Your real name Gus Age 24 Location France, Paris Gameranger/Steam ID: 9273851 Time online daily 1-2h On a scale from 1 to 5, how would you rate your English skills 3 How long have you been playing Cod4 10 years, at least 5 regulary Have you ever been a cod4 Server Admin Yes Do you use Fraps No Do you use Moss No Do you have a working Mic Yes Do you use Discord Yes What is your Average ping in xG*Servers 40 Do you know any of the xG*Members Guest
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  4. Gus

    New Unban Appeal application from Gus

    Hello ! There is a bug, the admin who banned me is Between and i have those screenshot if it can help. I am obviously not wallhacking, my low recoil is due to the M4 and the silencer. I like it because of his low recoil, then more accuracy. I dont know what mean "refuss". And he said "left the game" because he asked me to sent the screenshot and i have to quit COD4 when i'm using chrome because my laptot is heating too much. I don't know what else to say expect maybe to play with some admin and confirm my skills. Thank you !
  5. Gameranger/Steam ID 0 Who Banned you Guest Kind of Ban Temporarily Ban Reason of the Ban wh no recoil and refuss and left the game Date 08/31/2017 Time 02:22 PM SS/Demo I Will upload it in the topic.