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  1. YoG|gM|


  2. YoG|gM|

    Unban request Cato337

    The topic is closed ... you are blocked ... those bad words about mother that you said in the game chat ... I'm not wearing
  3. YoG|gM|

    Unban request Cato337

    You do not know how to play normally ... without any bullshit ... your problems ... and you can not shoot a ban with you ... so do not cry now
  4. you can i plz have admin i really want to be a admin and i will try my best to keep the servers clean 

  5. YoG|gM|

    clan application

    no !
  6. YoG|gM|

    clan application

    lol im joke xD
  7. YoG|gM|

    Can Join xG ???

    rec closed srry dude(( u cant
  8. YoG|gM|

    clan application

    kk me Y
  9. YoG|gM|

    clan application

    It seems xD
  10. YoG|gM|

    New Become a Server Admin application from nRs'|TITANIUM

    i yes ))) good guy
  11. good player every time play in xG snd ... this is my Bro <3