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  1. New Unban Appeal application from PandZoRRR

    you will only have to play with moss installed and turned on. Play at least half an hour with moss and attach the file moss here https://nohope.eu/ download @Mino or @El Kiddoplis unban
  2. New Unban Appeal application from dddd

    you can search for ip in the echelon, I do not think you will find another name used by me. you are id gameranger:7950463 ?
  3. New Ban Appeal application from rafa76

    I think the top 5 players should play live or play with the moss on mvp.dm_1
  4. Your Gameranger/Steam ID 123 Hackers Gameranger/Steam ID 7950463 Type of Hack Wallhack Date 01/01/1970 Time 12:25 SS/Demo I Will upload proof in the topic.
  5. New Unban Appeal application from PandZoRRR

    @PandZoRRR if you want to play on these servers you have to play clean, I hope you stay baned
  6. New Unban Appeal application from PandZoRRR

    @PandZoRRR in this demo you have activated roccat ,I think you should have been banned. wowitspanda.dm_1
  7. @suhaib.swplease explain what this is: https://www.clanh4x.com/forum/call-of-duty-4-es/1943-banned-from-1-month?start=6 I think you are the same player
  8. New Become a Server Admin application from LuC!F#R

    surely hack rai.dm_1
  9. suspected players

    RainBOW gameranger id:8735881
  10. suspected players

    @jalal,I asked to send the moss file,to see all the apps running in task mamager
  11. New Ban Appeal application from sinner111

    I found him yesterday in tdm
  12. suspected players

    demo cr& demo0006.dm_1
  13. suspected players

    cr& uiyert skill https://xtreme-gaming.co/profile/939-areyoudeadyet/ for me all are suspects, I will let you decide what they are
  14. Bug when !spec is used

    I hope you solve this bug, check
  15. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Live Acasă.png

    This is the third time he left the game today with this error