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  1. JohnnySins WH

    Your Gameranger/Steam ID 284762 Hackers Gameranger/Steam ID GR 2305055 Type of Hack Wallhack Date 12/04/2018 Time 22:19 (CET) SS/Demo Included johnnysins200284.dm_1
  2. Spotting every enemy that easily from that spot is fishy...
  3. Your Gameranger/Steam ID 284762 Hackers Gameranger/Steam ID Sadan, S on alias (GR ID 9136807) Type of Hack Wallhack Date 04/04/2018 Time 08:50 (CET) SS/Demo Included user193651wh.dm_1
  4. New Ban Appeal application from rafa76

    I accept due to fishyness, but want to hear others' opinions on this.
  5. New Unban Appeal application from |SeT| TESAK

    The was another SET clanner banned due to ignored SS requests. Was that you? His other alias was KH Pentagon. (Might be SET Argon tho)
  6. New Ban Appeal application from teve

    Accepted due to repeated ignorance.
  7. New Ban Appeal application from sinner111

    It's a typical wallbang but no preaims like other cases. The ones with wh have much more accurate shots with preaim. LMGs tend to get WH accusations faster because of wallbanging. I don't wallbang as a gamestyle (unless opposition does it like mad, then I get my M60 down) M60 is better for wallbanging, total troll gun with stopping power + deep impact. Recoil is harder tho so if good with iron sights, grip will fix it. I wouldn't stop him from using LMGs, but using M249 with Grip + Steady Aim is a better LMG sportmanship imo XG hates LMG camping more than wallbanging randomly. So don't camp with LMGs. It annoys players too. This one is not WH ... %95 of the demo, he saw opponents running then wallbanged. On the last minutes he fires random and not finishes one opponent then rises to check where he is. LMG suspicion is good though, don't let this one make you loose on them
  8. Maybe not many players check it out, but XG also has a prophunt (HNS) server. It's a hide & seek game with COD4 flavor. Hiders try to hide as a COD4 item and blend in the surroundings so seekers don't get them. Seekers try to get hunters with their weapons at hand. When you're bored tearing each others' guts on war servers, you can come here and rest. As you hide and hunt successfully, your xp will get higher and you'll get more features unlocked. Level 3: Seekers fast reload Level 5: Hiders get "dead silence" perk and run silently Level 10: Seekers get 5 clips of 7 mag ammo. Level 15: Hiders can toggle 10 second sprints by holding shoot button (when hiding as an item) This can help when there are many hunters nearby Level 20: Seekers get "extreme condititioning" perk and sprint more. Level 25: Hiders can see seekers on radar and act accordingly. Level 30: Seekers get 6 clips of 7 mag ammo. Level 40: Hiders can knife seekers :D Level 40 is where the fun increases. As a hider u can sneak around and knife the seekers, but seekers don't lose immediately, once a seeker is stabbed, he is teleported to a random point of map. This will give time to hider to get into another position or an opportunity to knife again :) Knifing gives 8 xp per successful stab. Level 50: Seekers get 8 rounds of m1200 shotgun ammunition, you can also switch to M40A3 for your sniper, it reloads silent. Shotgun is helpful for hiders on the run or ambushing stabbers :D You have limited ammo though, so use it wisely. Level 56: Hiders get 1 stun bullet. It's given as a silenced M1911 pistol. You can use it for escape or to stun & knife. Level 75: Seekers get phosphorus grenade so hiders get hurt if they are in impact range. Level 100: Hiders get smoke grenade for distraction. Level 111: Seekers can shoot through walls (wallbang), and ability to kill as a dog for hiders get unlocked. Level 112: Seekers get M1014 as secondary option. Level 113: Seekers path will be full of moths Level 114 / VIP: Hiders can teleport to random point of map Level 115: Immune to sensors and jammers Level 116: Unlocks desert eagle option as secondary weapon for seekers Jammer: For each 3 kills seekers get (per seeker) they unlock a jammer and render themselves invisible to radar for a short period of time. Visibility points: As seekers run near you if their FoV is covered by your presence, you get visibility points. As you collect them you can buy additional items at the cost of your visibility points, after you get them, they'll be unlocked on the exact map you bought in. Some items can be more useful for blending situations. Others can be used for pure lulz factor. You can also grind it with couple of friends to boost your xp (no shame on that, gaining xp is slow to be honest) so it will be easier for the players to have more fun etc. You get 12 xp for successful hiding, it increases if others get found and you are hidden. Getting VPs also increase XP, but I don't know the exact ratio yet. The more players, the more fun. At the moment we mostly play on Shipment & Killhouse, as more players come we go to larger maps. Seekers get longer time depending on map scale and player count. Come and have a bite :D
  9. New Ban Appeal application from pellicer

    Refusing to give demo or ss is a bannable offense, I posted a tutorial for this reason. Evading it and acting cute is not an excuse.
  10. New Ban Appeal from ZjemCiKota

  11. New Ban Appeal application from Might

    Good job might. Accepted
  12. I'm ok with trial mode.
  13. New Ban Appeal application from sinner111

  14. New Ban Appeal application from sinner111

    Done. Thx for the hunt.