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  1. saroman

    New Unban Appeal application from saroman

    if so i will go and create a fake chat that some admins for example xg.jalal is abusing all players it is not hard
  2. saroman

    New Unban Appeal application from saroman

    !!!!! man who said he is me? maybe cara have performed it to make evidences against me to cheat u? how can i make that chat quickly? i think he himself made this to keep me unbanned
  3. saroman

    New Unban Appeal application from saroman

    hi master admins . this child ungrowned up mind hateful cara thikns that he is god and all players must obey his orders. he is like 10 yrs of age hateful kids who are jealious and envy others success . and i am a human that never lean my head in front of these hateful arrogant kids. he is used to hate me since i refused his silly opinion and didnt count him as he think he is and he was looking for an oportunity to ban me and he baned me today for no good reason only for hate. also he is looking to ban xxgazaxx for hating him.
  4. Gameranger/Steam ID 0 Who Banned you Guest Kind of Ban Permanent Ban Reason of the Ban this un growned up kid hate me and he think he is god and all must obey him Date 01/01/1970 Time 2 pm SS/Demo I Don't have any.
  5. the audience was here my dear bro so i posted here :D
  6. and since i was admin here i did my best to keep servers clean and i made a warm and heartfelt place for players to enjoy being in xg. so i have my friends and i dont mind others how thinking about me and what they r telling about me .. a noob low level honest player is more respectful for me than arrogant pro who think he can manage the world where as he he is nothing
  7. by the way cara hate me and for this reason he dont care how i think about u . but thanks god only 2 admins think that they are master of web and can do everything. and i dont care to be admin or not. for this reason i never obey stupidity and arrogant
  8. y . as my experience with dear ruthless he was helping me to find cheaters by reporting them and in some cases he detected hackers sooner than i could :D in my opinion he is better to be an admin helping our servers to be clean Saroman the white.
  9. saroman

    New Unban Appeal application from PandZoRRR

    wise and clever admins never ban hackers without any proof. because they r not stupid like saroman.
  10. saroman

    New Unban Appeal application from PandZoRRR

    go burn man . if u were clever ( not stupid like saroman) u should understand that u r accused of hacking by other players and other admins except saroman. and i have not banned u. because i am stupid and other clever and smart admins unlike saroman have banned u because of ur hack and wasting time on taking ss. wise man
  11. saroman

    New Ban Appeal application from saroman

    hi again as i was playing i saw a player reporting an aimbot by hacker called: dlt bandit in the demo i uploaded everything is clear and i didnt feel any need to ask him to send ss or demo. because his aim was obvious bandit.dm_1
  12. Your Gameranger/Steam ID 0 Hackers Gameranger/Steam ID 9240338 Type of Hack Aimbot Date 01/01/1970 Time 5 pm SS/Demo I Will upload proof in the topic.
  13. saroman

    New Unban Appeal application from PandZoRRR

    And I remember a admin called a admin(I can't remember his name but maybe xg legengd) requested him screen shot and demo but he refused and kept on playing cheating admin by no useful subjects. after wasting of time and turning his hack off ( because his game play suddenly got very bad and his deaths rate become more than his kill rate) he said OK now I am taking as and demo. He thinks he is very smart but the admins r more clever than he thinks.
  14. saroman

    New Unban Appeal application from PandZoRRR

    Guys and admins this wow panda is skilled hacker always playing with hack. And if u check his score while there are no admins u will see he has 130 kills and only 20 deaths. But when admins join the game his game play return to normal. U see he has 20 kills and 40 deaths Always knows our exit path and come opposite us wherever we r and a skill he uses to prevent from being obvious is this that he never shoot behind the walls and always looks at ground to show that I don't know where enemies r but he follow enemies.
  15. saroman

    New Ban Appeal application from saroman

    hacker name was m3lish and he left the game as i started to use commands about him.