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  1. coololly

    for xg cooley

    I didnt ban him in the first place, Just asking for screenshots
  2. coololly

    for xg cooley

    Youre playing kinda crap there. But I'll let you go for this one. And set your moss to take screenshots faster.
  3. coololly

    for xg cooley

    They are from a different server on a completely different day. Dont play with me.
  4. coololly


  5. Interested to know more about xG? Visit our information site over at
  6. coololly


  7. coololly

    New Become a Clan Member application from CPT_Ashi<3

    To be fair, I started playing this game when I was 11 too, and im 19 now.
  8. coololly

    Welcome Back!

    To add to this, please reapply for your permissions on the Discord server, just follow the instructions listed in the memberverification channel. You can access the discord here:
  9. coololly

    want to be a member

    U keep applying every few weeks and keep getting rejected. What makes you think you will be accepted?
  10. coololly

    New Become a Clan Member application from jalal

    I'd say test him, see how well he plays
  11. coololly

    New Become a Clan Member application from Hawk_Eye

    @s a d b o y s @AVCleader @Toni Opinions? Its a yes from me.
  12. If you see a hacker in any of the servers either message one of us in gameranger, or join the discord server. We will always have at least 1 member online in discord. They will come and help Click this link to join:
  13. coololly

    Leaving xG*