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  1. Your in-game name KH`Sveljo Your real name Nikola Age 28 Location Serbia Gameranger/Steam ID: 1085537 Time online daily 5-6 On a scale from 1 to 5, how would you rate your English skills 5 How long have you been playing Cod4 7 Have you ever been a cod4 Server Admin Yes Do you use Fraps Yes Do you use Moss Yes Do you have a working Mic Yes Do you use Discord Yes What is your Average ping in xG*Servers 55 Do you know any of the xG*Members Guest
  2. _Sveljo_


  3. _Sveljo_

    New Unban Appeal application from Panacea

    Well, if he asked u for screen shoot, u can post it or no. No=Ban and No unban :c Sorry.
  4. cool music bro :D


  5. _Sveljo_

    changes to servers

    Well idk why we dont turn pb on, ppls will also play... server wont be empty... look akz server, its pb on and ppls playing... or turn pb for test for 2 weeks, and we can look how things is going. After u can turn off.
  6. _Sveljo_


    @ZG-Boy :) Ty! Im giving my best...
  7. _Sveljo_

    New Unban Appeal application from dizzy

    @dizzy now its fine.
  8. _Sveljo_

    New Unban Appeal application from dizzy

    Not SS's for this round!!! Broadcast! Where i did ask u ss's! U have them or not??>
  9. _Sveljo_


  10. _Sveljo_

    New Unban Appeal application from |dZp|Yeoldegod

    If someone say u bad things go ss and send to us, that's all... we will do wahat we need. And @ZG-Boy :) unban Bang, i dont have problems, anyone who left out of a game while we ask ss and moss, will be baned.
  11. _Sveljo_

    New Unban Appeal application from |dZp|Yeoldegod

    Stop make drama, cuz some1 asked u to make moss or ss. Its simple, no giving ss and moss=ban. End of story. As i said, Bang was autokicked from server cuz namechange... he was playing with other name, when i start look !list, he changed again and he get kicked out. After he came and said me that he is unbaned!!! Why some1 will changenames if ure unbaned????!!! At least he didnt give moss and ss when Mili ask him, he said next map. Its enough for ban! As our rules, no giving=ban. END OF FCKING STORY.
  12. _Sveljo_

    New Unban Appeal application from |dZp|Yeoldegod

    Wee aagree that he used wh. If he didnt, why then he dont gave Moss to some1. Like we said no other map. He was needed to give Moss when we Said.
  13. _Sveljo_

    New Unban Appeal application from |dZp|Yeoldegod

    Ask xploz what he said, i dont care abouth Bang, he wh or not! If he did wh ban, if not unban. But xploz, he dont need to be unbaned.
  14. _Sveljo_

    New Unban Appeal application from |dZp|Yeoldegod

    Atm i dont have time to back, ill check later what did u write. I said what he did said... nothing more, he got ban cuz insult. Thats all.