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  1. Scuba*

    Server Lag (xG* SnD)

    Hi. First of all our servers are hosted by us. Not by goldenhosting, why would you even think that? -xG* has always been independent in everything they own. Never have we ever rented servers from a third party. Thanks for your information but i’m Afraid it’s not as easy as turning something on and off as you supposedly think. We’ll look into the issue and try to resolve any problems that might exist
  2. Scuba*

    Website Update.

    Hi I've patched our website today and fixed the chatbox. Also i've disabled the Facebook login gateway for now. In case you guys run into issue make sure to post them on the forum in the corresponding section, Thanks in advance. Sincerely, xG*Scuba
  3. Scuba*

    B3 issue

    Connect to your server once. Then open the Clients table, You'll find your profile in there. Open edit and change your group bits to 128 (that's superadmin) Make you sure you save, Reconnect to your server and you should be Superadmin. Goodluck
  4. Scuba*

    Read me!

    Hey there! Need help with anything or do you have a question about our website? Feel free to ask them here, we'll try to help you as soon as possible! When you open a Topic please be specific about your question. Thanks in advance! Scuba*
  5. Scuba*

    Read me!

    Hey there! Spotted a bug or are you getting an error page? Let us know as soon as possible! When you open a Topic please add this information: What's wrong: Severity: Screenshot: When:
  6. Scuba*

    Read me!

    Asked for screenshots by an admin? Feel free to post them here! Don't forget to mention your Nickname and the servername. Thanks in advance! Scuba*
  7. Scuba*

    xG Ban Procedure

    Hi all, Since some people/admins still don’t know our ban procedure. @jalal took his time to create the following Guide. Please share this with all of your fellow Admins since only this is the correct way of banning someone on any of the xTreme-Gaming servers. Step 1: A suspicious players has been reported so first things first. You should spectate him for at least 2 - 3 minutes or until you are sure the suspected player is hacking/clean. Step 2: Finding out who that player actually is by using following commands; !list or !longlist to find his current player ID. This will always be a short number. For example 5 !a 5 shows all used aliases !x 5 shows his xlrstats !noc 5 shows his total number of server connections !lt 5 shows his b3 ID. A number like @554215 Step 3: Warning the player. !w 5 make a screenshot !pm 5 send me your screenshots or you will be banned !pm 5 send me at least 3 screenshots from different views. And so on. He can upload his screenshots anywhere including on our website. What if; He ignored u. -> BAN He left -> BAN He doesn’t know what a screenshot is -> Explain it to him. Acting dumb to avoid a penalty-> BAN You can ban a player that’s not currently on the server by using his b3 ID You are responsible for recording the whole conversation and offcourse his gameplay while you are spectating. This demo will be your proof in case a unban appeal is comming up. Some “pro hackers” out there are able to turn off and on their wh. This means they can still provide clean screenshots. In this case ask them to run moss or fraps from now on when they play in our servers. Only ask this in really suspicious cases and don’t start bothering everyone with this question. All admins/members should have proof of their ban. Keep in mind abusing power is the red line; kicking players for no reason, warning them for no reason, banning people without proof, changing the map,... These things are called abuse and will not be tolerated. Members and or Admins abusing their powers will end up losing their powers and in some cases can even get banned. New admins are forced to make a ban appeal for their first 3 bans. lf their 3 applications get accepted they are excused and no longer have to do this. However all admins should check the website daily to make sure there are no reports or unban appeals on their names. Sincerely, Scuba
  8. Scuba*

    Report - Mesk musk idk

    ID Scope Message Time 202082 ALL !ban ste refuse to give moss Sun, 28/01/18 (16:02) 202077 ALL !tb ste 9999 refuse to give moss Sun, 28/01/18 (16:02) 202066 ALL or not Sun, 28/01/18 (16:01) 202064 ALL did you reord your moss Sun, 28/01/18 (16:01) 202060 ALL so i am not stupid he trace trough wall and know every postion Sun, 28/01/18 (16:01) 202050 ALL there are shortcuts buttons so he can turn on wh and turn off all time when he want Sun, 28/01/18 (16:01) 202040 ALL try that and you will see Sun, 28/01/18 (16:00) 202022 ALL as red dot Sun, 28/01/18 (16:00) 202018 ALL you will not appear Sun, 28/01/18 (16:00) 202017 ALL no if you have siklencer Sun, 28/01/18 (16:00) 202007 ALL i have jammer no uav Sun, 28/01/18 (15:59) 202002 ALL then turn on again Sun, 28/01/18 (15:59) 202001 ALL you can turn off your wh and make ss Sun, 28/01/18 (15:59) 201994 ALL proof Sun, 28/01/18 (15:59) 201991 ALL ss is not proog Sun, 28/01/18 (15:59) 201982 ALL i dont give fuck about jalla Sun, 28/01/18 (15:58) 201981 ALL send moss Sun, 28/01/18 (15:58) 201977 ALL and your ss Sun, 28/01/18 (15:58) 201976 ALL send moss now Sun, 28/01/18 (15:58) 201967 ALL pre fire all time Sun, 28/01/18 (15:58) 201964 ALL you tracing trough wall Sun, 28/01/18 (15:58) 201961 ALL for walling Sun, 28/01/18 (15:58) 201954 ALL ??? Sun, 28/01/18 (15:57) 201951 ALL you want ban Sun, 28/01/18 (15:57) 201949 ALL stefjee Sun, 28/01/18 (15:57) 201892 ALL all who wait on spawn Sun, 28/01/18 (15:54) 201891 ALL all who lagg to much Sun, 28/01/18 (15:54) 201890 ALL i will start seroius kick Sun, 28/01/18 (15:54) 201874 ALL !w ami ci Sun, 28/01/18 (15:53) 201853 ALL !w sup camp Sun, 28/01/18 (15:52) 201851 ALL !ksup hc camp Sun, 28/01/18 (15:51) 201848 ALL supermen Sun, 28/01/18 (15:51) 201832 ALL how you know i was exactly there Sun, 28/01/18 (15:50) 201786 ALL i will kick all who camp Sun, 28/01/18 (15:49) 201760 ALL !w ste behave Sun, 28/01/18 (15:48)
  9. Scuba*

    Report - Mesk musk idk

    Thats the point of a public banlist.. We can't Remember everything.. :) We'll try to get this sorted out asap
  10. Scuba*

    Report - Mesk musk idk

    Can someone Please Ask @Pain To give his side of the story? Steefje Ban Sun, 28/01/18 (16:02) Permanent refuse to give moss uFK|M3GTS
  11. @Invictus i’m moving this since he is a member. LoL. Don’t forget to update the trials they need to be moved to accepted/rejected once the trial period is over @mani @El Kiddo
  12. Scuba*

    New Become a Server Admin application from LuC!F#R

    Can you please come with a final decision about him? @jalal @Mino @Invictus ...
  13. Scuba*

    New Become a Clan Member application from Sıtkı ASLAN

    Its taking alot of time for someone that’s online 3 hours a day
  14. Scuba*

    NadePractise Server

    @Panda<3 Nope.
  15. Scuba*

    New Become a Server Admin application from LuC!F#R

    In the last demo he looks clear. Some lucky spots but that’s just random spray and pray.. easy kills in a filled server