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  1. Deadman


  2. so u will accept this or not?! @ZG-Boy :) @s a d b o y s
  3. @ZG-Boy :) what now m8?!
  4. yes and i play alot in snd i'm sure most of ur member saw me there and know about me Also my kdr is 1.40 and my skill is 1430 i think
  5. Your in-game name k`z|Deadman|RED Your real name Moein Age 18 Location iran Gameranger/Steam ID: 0 Time online daily 8 How long have you been playing Cod4 5 Have you ever been a cod4 Server Admin Yes Do you use Teamspeak No Do you use Fraps Yes Do you use Moss Yes Do you use Discord No What is your Average ping in xG*Servers 150 Do you know any of the xG*Members Guest
  6. pffff nice 2 ldrs voted no without any reason Ask about my ad power in other servers or watch my game play then vote i can help u with that image Anyway i dont care reject i just wanted to help u xD
  7. @SnoOpY*1st i dont spam in any servers 2nd u should ask and research man Not to say no with no reason
  8. @SnoOpY*u urself told me to apply here in ur server man :|
  9. @Skillz7zrly?! why?!dude ask yog about me if u want
  10. @Scuba*i just tayped yogs name and i dont know whats happened i thought 68 is his number
  11. 68 Is yog bro and pls search my nick in gr i'm online now i dont know mi gr id
  12. and u removed that :|
  13. ping 145 and yog accepted my request man