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  1. Danny

    New Become a Server Admin application from :BUG:

    @:BUG: find a solution and be smart : ) Think like a hacker. There will be many situations when you will have to find a solution to your problems. @jalal @SHooTeR can we give him 2-3 days more?
  2. Danny

    New Become a Server Admin application from :BUG:

    @:BUG: check your PM.
  3. @jalal @SHooTeR he's leaving tomorrow. (holiday time) Unfortunately he couldn't find a cheater by this time, so I told him to reapply in some months. He's a nice, adequate and polite guy, so I will fight for him : ) We need such people.
  4. Danny

    New Become a Clan Member application from v8!FroZeN MooSeY

    @v8!FroZeN MooSeY I deleted your previous 2 topics, so there's only one now. https://prnt.sc/kcye24
  5. Danny

    New Ban Appeal application from Danny

    Sure, but his noobish gameplay isn't an excuse. Otherwise we would ban only obvious hackers that kill 10 players per second. I think he could play better without wh, but that's just my opinion.
  6. Danny

    New Ban Appeal application from Danny

    AWAIS is so noob, he sucks even playing with wh. He's a 12-old kid probably. GIF proof of first demo: awais.dm_1 awais2.dm_1
  7. Your Gameranger/Steam ID 9467930 Hackers Gameranger/Steam ID 0 Type of Hack Wallhack Date 07/29/18 Time around 15:30 (GMT+3) SS/Demo I Will upload proof in the topic.
  8. YES from me too.
  9. Age - 18. You pressed 8 by mistake instead of 2.
  10. @jalal he plays on knife server. @pro gamer irani didn't you and your friend tell me yesterday something about the server rules? Like "who cares about rules" ????
  11. @SHooTeR thank you! I consider myself an average player, not too bad and not too good : ) @jalal @SHooTeR here's my demo . Found this guy on a russian server and recorded him for a pretty long time just to be sure. This this clearly WH. (or possible ESP) Please watch carefully. (NB, it's for 1.8 version) swindler.dm_1
  12. Thank you, that really helped. Our kuwait guy tried to join the SD server too, luckily I was there in that moment. I'm a programmer myself and I used to develop hacks in the past for various games, including cod series. (only for learning new things and not to gain advantage over other players) Games and game hacks are a great learning resource from a programming point of view. Finding offsets, analyzing game's memory, coding your own DX overlays, debugging - these are wonderful things and really help in server administration if you already know how they work under the hood. I mainly play on the knife server but if you need help on SD and/or TDM too, I'm in. Going to monitor right now ???? I'll let you guys know if I find someone. Thank you.
  13. Your in-game name Danny Your real name Daniel Age 24 Location Moldova Gameranger/Steam ID: 9467930 Time online daily 2-4 hours On a scale from 1 to 5, how would you rate your English skills 5 How long have you been playing Cod4 From its release Have you ever been a cod4 Server Admin Yes Do you use Fraps Yes Do you use Moss Yes Do you have a working Mic Yes Do you use Discord Yes What is your Average ping in xG*Servers 45 Do you know any of the xG*Members Guest
  14. If my opinion counts too, I say yes. He is a good knifer, had so much fun today = ) I think he will be a good admin too.
  15. Danny

    New Ban Appeal application from Danny

    Attached demo and GIF. There are many interesting moments like this in the demo. GIF Proof: His auto-knife attempts a hit but it fails because the target is moving. Gotcha! Also this guy changes his nickname constantly (he was "==sm" or something like that earlier today, now EGYPT) demo0004.dm_1