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  1. Grove4life

    New Become a Server Admin application from Grove4life

    also I forgot to mention does it matter if I'm already in another clan (VSG)? Because I applied for admin in server not for join clan, right? What's your policy on that?
  2. Grove4life

    New Become a Server Admin application from Grove4life

    I got asked in TDM server to apply for admin if I play there regular, and I do so... My times are pretty random, and also depends on server activity but I only play at XG's TDM server ATM. I also want to add that I don't use fraps as my past experiences showed me that Fraps is a malfunctioning and inferior program. I always able to make screenshots and recordings tho.
  3. Your in-game name Grove4life Your real name Boris Age 19 Location Netherlands Gameranger/Steam ID: 76561198103332840 Time online daily Very random, On a scale from 1 to 5, how would you rate your English skills 4 How long have you been playing Cod4 About a year Have you ever been a cod4 Server Admin Yes Do you use Fraps No Do you use Moss No Do you have a working Mic Yes Do you use Discord Yes What is your Average ping in xG*Servers 27
  4. Grove4life

    |SeT|Wolf wallhack but no evidence

    Wait do you mean that Wolf was an admin?? Also am I not doing reports the right way? I don't know how to get a hacker's Steam id...
  5. Grove4life

    |SeT|Wolf wallhack but no evidence

    Sadly, yes.
  6. Grove4life

    |SeT|Wolf wallhack but no evidence

    So I know this one is gonna be rejected because I couldn't record him wallhacking, but this guy plays here often and had a big mouth against me just now and also blames me for wallhack, then I noticed him doing it himself but as soon as I spec him he turns it off. I am 100% sure he did wallhack against me but again I have no proof so I ask all admins, to please keep a close eye on him and perhaps spectate him under a cloaked name. Or just ban him, you can trust me ????
  7. Grove4life

    Punisher wallhack and aimbot

    TDM server. Time: just before posting this topic This guy has been aimbotting as well as wallhacking, but can only be seen wallhacking in this demo: demo0001.dm_1
  8. Grove4life

    Blah Blah wallhack

    ^no he didn't kill anyone there and yes he left shortly after I started recording but anyone can clearly see him tracking the enemy trough the wall so let's wait for others to judge as well shall we? If the rest really doesn't find it enough, I'll record him as soon as I see him again.
  9. Grove4life

    Blah Blah wallhack

    This one is obvious but he left just as I started recording, although the short demo shows more than enough, he also trash talks alot TDM server 2 minutes prior to this post. demo0000.dm_1
  10. Grove4life

    Haider Hassan wallhack

    like swatting infinite flies... TDM server not 2 minutes ago demo0001.dm_1
  11. Grove4life

    SCORPIO wallhack

    Just as I came walking in... TDM server about 5 minutes before this post. demo0001.dm_1
  12. Grove4life

    Another dirty hacker

    TDM server, name in demo and such. He is online as I post this topic as far of time of the incident demo0001.dm_1
  13. Grove4life

    NOOB@@ ban appeal

    Sure I'll keep an eye out, always willing to help against cheaters.
  14. Grove4life

    NOOB@@ ban appeal

    @CARA sadly no, but I do always upload ban appeal right after I played and recorded the proof, so it was around (little before) the time I posted this topic...
  15. Grove4life

    NachoLibre wallhack

    TDM server, I don't know his Steam id and stuff so I can only open a topic myself. I also posted a hacker in Accepted section by accident, please look at that one too! demo0000.dm_1