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  1. Overkill

    New Become a Server Admin application from LFT NoTeR

    never saw u before in the server
  2. Overkill

    server admin lost power bcz server reset

    how to remove i tried but there is no option to change inF tag
  3. Overkill

    server admin lost power bcz server reset

    im active again.. my pc ram fucked up so 4 month not active ..also doing job so i play everyday in night.
  4. guys i lost power because of server reset.. pls do something
  5. Overkill


  6. Overkill

    Important Notice for All xG members

    what i will comment?
  7. Overkill

    location bind

    yah how to do this welcome stats?
  8. Overkill

    location bind

    guys i just wanted to know how to do the location bind when entry to the server? where all players see like this on screen ....... joined from loc ....... any idea?
  9. Overkill

    inF|Overkill applying for adminship

    yes of course i will follow this rule.. and i want to know is this server ban auto no recoil and aimbot?
  10. hi to zg-boy :) and others name : inF|Overkill location : india gr : 4033945 age : 26 Experience in server management : yes i am exp admin .. example 100(inf) 40(ak!) 40(akz) Special Skills : idk that u have to find out.. Why should we make you admin : to make the server hack proof How long do you play daily : 5-6 hour daily Do you speak proper English : yes Previous clans : inF (but not leaving just for admin ship) Do you have and use Teamspeak and MOSS : yes, not moss its not working black screen ss but i have bandicam