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  1. MY SS

    yes you are i'm sure
  2. New Ban Appeal application from JeRin

    watch the chat carefully
  3. New Ban Appeal application from JeRin

    beside the obv wh this guy is shameless SET TESAK.dm_1
  4. Your Gameranger/Steam ID 9188192 Hackers Gameranger/Steam ID 0 Type of Hack Wallhack Date 02/21/2018 Time 3:52 pm SS/Demo I Will upload proof in the topic.
  5. New Become a Clan Member application from just a visiter1

    i think we shouldn't miss with that or those people just to take cover
  6. New Become a Clan Member application from just a visiter1

    its safe as he said no sign of virus
  7. New Ban Appeal application from sinner111

    send the demo bro.so we can see
  8. New Become a Clan Member application from Sıtkı ASLAN

    I think they appreciate your situation.. But all they want Active and Good player for clan war i prefer to wait for them and show them ur skill in cw and if every thing goes well . they will absolutely accept ur application just wait for tonight's cw ... goodluck mate.
  9. ok I'll wait 2 more weeks . just for earning more skill .so feel free to close this appeal thnx you
  10. New Unban Appeal application from THE KING

    thank you for waiting my response @jalal i apreciate that (the king ) are u sure that i ban you ... man i banned 2 player since i become an admin and they are (k0s-and-i am (y.t)) so please be sure first from the one who banned u . lastly when i ban some one. i check if a have a demo and then i post it on the web (ban appeal)
  11. bro yesterday i wasn't able to join u because my role didn't allow me and the channel was lock i will learn the spots thank u very mush
  12. Your in-game name JeRin Your real name ali Age 18 Location Lebanon Gameranger/Steam ID: 9188192 Time online daily 4-5 hours On a scale from 1 to 5, how would you rate your English skills 3 How long have you been playing Cod4 3 years Have you ever been a cod4 Server Admin yes Your Previous Clans - Special skills - Do you use Fraps Yes Do you have a working Mic Yes Do you use Discord Yes What is your Average ping in xG*Servers 100