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  2. my ss
  3. Your in-game name LFT NoTeR Your real name Jawad Age 19 Location Pakistan Gameranger/Steam ID: 6407041 Time online daily 5-6 hours On a scale from 1 to 5, how would you rate your English skills 3 How long have you been playing Cod4 5-6 Have you ever been a cod4 Server Admin Yes Do you use Fraps Yes Do you use Moss Yes Do you have a working Mic No Do you use Discord Yes What is your Average ping in xG*Servers 200 Do you know any of the xG*Members Guest
  4. Just to end this I dont have personal problem with u as u may think! After my experience in rec.....i dont want to have bad admins......and u are not showing me to be a good admin at all Goodluck and bye
  5. 1- ofc aimbot is too obvious u know the diffrence between aimbot and wallhack? For wh we ask for ss or moss sometimes....not aimbot! I think u even dont know what is demo..... 2-u are teaching me cmds? I teached cmds to new admins myself dude.....and wrote a few rules for admins to follow too Lookup is not working when hacker change his name....u cant find his b3 id in such situation. 3- i didnt use that pole to say no Another one voted no for u Everyone can see my comments and its ez to find out what is my idea or opinion in every case.... 4- we need admin in other servers like tdm....thats why rec is still open for adminship
  6. 1- there is ban appeal application section in the forum....u cant see? 2- this is aimbot..........but for reporting hackers (like wallers) u should make demo not taking ss.....u just prove u even didnt read our ban procedure or rules in site: he will be banned if its possible to find him in b3........but TRUST u are talking about is harder to achieve....not just with reporting an aimbot (that everyone can detect)
  7. and more more thing his name is against our region please pb him as 2 reason 1 aimbot,2 privacy name against region i am muslim so these name is against our region i know better xD
  8. New folder.rar Bro there is no forum of complaining a player so i post in these forum please check! these guy using aimbot nice wh now trust me and ban these aimboter i make too much ss see all these auto shots I Rape Muslim his name Please Check And PB THESE FUCKER AIMBOTER Thanks
  9. Yesterday
  10. New Unban Appeal application from DVJM

    dude stop being annoying before i ban you in website REJECTED
  11. New Unban Appeal application from DVJM

    Reject him and ban him from this website. @El Kiddo
  12. New Unban Appeal application from DVJM

    dvjm.dm_1 what can you say about this ? isn't this wallhack?
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