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Welcome to xTreme-Gaming

xTreme-Gaming is a Call of Duty 4 Clan and Community for pc players. Founded on the The ninth of november 2016 with only 1 goal, creating a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere for all COD4 players. Mainly active on Gameranger a free platform like Steam


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  2. problems with English, in cw it is very important, and it was not necessary to create an application again to make changes, never was an admin, no previous clan, then there is no experience, no from me, sorry
  3. Yesterday
  4. watchesolution

  5. PLZ

  6. Application not correct !! NO from me !!
  7. yeah buy mic as soon as possible xD
  8. -xG* vs ufk

  9. -xG* vs ufk

  10. New Become a Clan Member application from PriceThePlayer

    Well than I think it is clear REJECTED
  11. i left previous clans coz they dont calling cw many times, i told them for cw but they dont want see me in...
  12. thx guys! ok i need good mic future
  13. New Become a Clan Member application from PriceThePlayer

    No from me..
  14. lets wait him to respond
  15. MY MOSS

    i didnt suspect u or ban u at first place but its in our laws to provide moss in some cases i have the same problem with moss.......so i can say u are not lying about moss whatever if u can try to upload full moss here......do it.........if u cant.....then idk.......other decisions
  16. New Become a Clan Member application from PriceThePlayer

    From your application I can clearly understand that u dont know english very well And you dont have fraps and mic And time online daily 40 min is to low No from me Also isnt this your second application we havent even closed the previous one and u make a new one And in this application you have changed somethings why is that?
  17. New Become a Clan Member application from PriceThePlayer

    hey @PriceThePlayer your Time online daily isn't enough try to be active for 3 hours daily,install fraps/moss. The mic isn't necessary to be for pc,you can download discord on your phone and join our discord good luck
  18. New Unban Appeal application from boss

    good to hear this SOLVED!!
  19. MY MOSS

    even yesterday's moss, proves that I'm not wh. I did not go in for a long time and already killed decent players and it shows that I can, in a short period of time and without using cheats.
  20. MY MOSS

    I do not use cheats and even configs, I have everything according to the standard. I do not need cheats to play normally, use them - do not respect yourself. I was banished already here, then I provided evidence that I did not wh and kiddo unban me.
  21. MY MOSS

    Yesterday's moss was recorded correctly. And today, for some reason, one by one the records and all the broken ones ...
  22. New Unban Appeal application from girlslover

    lack of proof . Unbanned
  23. MY MOSS

    this is moss problem in new version in some systems
  24. MY MOSS

    maybe the problem is that the program is in a folder with Russian characters, I'll bring it to the desktop and make a new entry, though, then the program for some reason hangs and gives out a broken archive
  25. MY MOSS

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