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Welcome to xTreme-Gaming

xTreme-Gaming is a Call of Duty 4 Clan and Community for pc players. Founded on the The ninth of november 2016 with only 1 goal, creating a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere for all COD4 players. Mainly active on Gameranger a free platform like Steam


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    • AVCleader

      important thing for clan   05/28/17

      guys, this is important, we need to tallk, all be online in abt 2-3H, plz, if u cant tell me here.
      @Scuba*  @ZG-Boy :)  @Skillz7z @SnoOpY*
    • AFGHAN

      I'm back   06/28/17

      Hello guys I'm sorry i was active for some time because of some important issues  wanted to inform u guys that i'm back from inactivity :)
    • AFGHAN

      Request from all of you   07/17/17

      Guys i wanna request from all of you please don't make anyone admin until he/she applies in web  i demoted many players which don't even know about our web but has 20-40 etc.   @ZG-Boy :) @s a d b o y s @Toni @AVCleader @Skillz7z @Scuba* @YoG|gM| @N7| Grunt