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    Unban appeal

    By Dawn,
    Please add Following information to your topic: Your Gameranger ID: 2899060 Who Banned you: xG*Coololly Type of ban (perm. or temp.): think it was perm, didnt read the whole message Reason you were Banned: "wh" Date&Time: 14.02.17, a few minutes ago, lets say 19:35 Witnesses: Idk, think none Your side of the story:
    Well what happened, it was Crash when I've been banned. had a few very good games before also (46-6 on Backlot - one series of 27 and a few helis etc - and another good one before at Strike I think).
    I used my new profile that I wanted to level without Levelhack - which I used on my first profile because my CoD4 a few times deleted all my stats. So I got the P99 when i made it up to level 40 I think, and used it to get experience from challenges. As you all know, P99 is a sprayer's noob-weapon, what made it even easier for me to get good stats (already playing for 5/6 years now)
    However, its hard to describe the map for me in english, but I'll try it.
    I was rushing through the broken housing next to the crashed helicopter, the one with 2 windows to look at the place, one on the side of the high tower and one on 6 o'clock of it.
    So I was rushing there, I was Opfor, and many marines in this house right before me, that made about 3 or 4 kills for me, when I had them all killed, or maybe the moment the last one fell, you know this game is fast sometimes, ive see one running behinde the short wall left-hand side of the door out of that house (in tower-direction), so I followed him shooting and wallbanged the wall he was heading to. There I killed 2 guys, that where behind it and now the clue:
    xG*Coololly was also there at the wall but I did not even kill him. I stopped shooting because I thought they were all dead so I could go forward. Then, he came from the wall I just banged and killed me with the Winchester 2000, the shotgun.
    So what made me absolutely stunned was, that he banned me, after he had killed me. But, that he killed me, and not me him, was kinda prrof, that I am clear. If I had known theres still one I wouldn't have stopped shooting so yeah, that kindo confused me, thats why i quickly signed up here to get that issue corrected. I mean, even if I had killed him, that would not have been a proof for a hack, just one for wallbanging. However, I hope you're going to look for it and if u like, u can check me whenever I play. You guys have my ID and I'm mostly playing Gungame and FFA - mostly, this time it was your TDM server. Unfortunately I did not record my playing, but who could I have known someone will ban me^^?
    If you like you can spec me, telling me about it and I'm going to record it with bandicam (or MOSS, if one is willing me to explain how it works xD). Of course you can also spec me whithout telling me. There's nothing I have to hide.


    I wanna join your clan :D

    By envy,
    Age: 16   Location:Namibia(its i africa dont judge xD)   Gameranger ID:8205537   Time you have been playing cod4: 2 and a half year   Experience in server management: i got a lot of experience because i had been admin almost every where like in av server(now known as Qc), Tuk, Ek, alot of people appreciated me as i was admin cuz i helped them in so many ways e.g i  was online most of the time, so when the was a hacker in the server i quickly got in, spectated and banned   Special Skills(*):None i guess   Previous clans: Tuk, Xgm, Akz, Hg, Please tell us why you would like to join us: I think xG is the right clan for me to join, because it has so many good players that i could also learn from and i also think that this clan is really good cuz of the talents it got and i bet it also has good people who will motivate you when playing matches such as clan wars.... i also think it is one of the best clans on game ranger. HOPE U ACCEPT ME  Please answer on all of these questions, we won't be able to help you if your application is incomplete. (*) What are special Skills? For example; Webdesign, Photoshop, Scripting, ..

    Problem with Banned player

    ZG-Boy :)
    By ZG-Boy :),
    He was miss banned day or two again by that admin what i was told u about . I was unbaned him by name , by guid ... he can login to all servers , but not in SnD !!  @Scuba* @Skillz7z can you help me with this one ? 

    apply for membership

    By |G.K|Capt.Price,
    hy age :17 location :pakistan gr id :8111279 playing cod4 :3years server mangement :i m leader [old] of many clans..i know how to manage servers special skillz :i know to make website for clan previous clan :ek|elite killers thanxk.. i hope my application was accepted

    Become A Clan Member

    Empire Shaikh
    By Empire Shaikh,
    Age 25 Location Pakistan Gameranger ID 5565644 Time you have been playing cod4 4 Years Experience in server management 80 90 Special Skills(*) Mooding Previous clans inF|      


    ZG-Boy :)
    By ZG-Boy :),
    I have been contact by several diferent players that some of our admins is BANNING people with WITHOUT REASON !!! If i couth who is doing this i am promising to that guy I WILL REMOVE YOUR ADMIN POWER AND BAN YOU FOREVER !


    By kar!shma,
    Age, 20 Location, IRAQ Gameranger ID, 8280065 Time you have been playing cod4, 2 for 3 years  Experience in server management, i have some experiences Special Skills(*), i dont have any special skills all i can is playing like a hell im a good gamer   Previous clans, this is my  first clan i dont have a previous one 

    to be a clan member

    By W@!33D,
     name w@!33D Age- 18 Location- Serbia, pakistan Gameranger ID- 4633369 Time you have been playing cod4- 4 years Experience in server management- 80,60 in differnt servers Special Skills-/ Previous clans- ew,ez,p@k!s Please tell us why you would like to join us: I am good person, I respect all the rules, I am not abusive, but hackers deserve ban.. hope i m in with this ping

    Not admin.

    By coololly,
    When Skillz was testing the banning, i let him ban me but then it removed my admin privs when he unbanned me.

    Want To join xG

    ExTr3me K!lL3r[Z]
    By ExTr3me K!lL3r[Z],
    Age:19 Location:Pakistan Gameranger ID:8199689 Time you have been playing cod4:4 yEars Experience in server management:80 or 60 Special Skills(*):Making Web Only Previous clans:EK` Please tell us why you would like to join us:Because I like Xg Clan and It is safe of Hackerz and eCT

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