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Welcome to xTreme-Gaming

xTreme-Gaming is a Call of Duty 4 Clan and Community for pc players. Founded on the The ninth of november 2016 with only 1 goal, creating a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere for all COD4 players. Mainly active on Gameranger a free platform like Steam


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Join Clan

By Eliot,
Dear Admin, i wanna join your clan bcs i dont have clan and i want to play cw 1. Your first name (of real name): Karlo Makvić 2. Your nickname: Eliot 3. Age: 18 4. Country: Croatia 5. Experience: Cap snd Senior Admin 6. Special skills: got good reflex and grenade kill 7. Previous clans: Cap Karmen 8. Steam: dont have 9. Gameranger (optional): 8330049 Hope That would be enough  Thank You !!


ZG-Boy :)
By ZG-Boy :),
I have been contact by several diferent players that some of our admins is BANNING people with WITHOUT REASON !!! If i couth who is doing this i am promising to that guy I WILL REMOVE YOUR ADMIN POWER AND BAN YOU FOREVER !

Become A Clan Member

Empire Shaikh
By Empire Shaikh,
Age 25 Location Pakistan Gameranger ID 5565644 Time you have been playing cod4 4 Years Experience in server management 80 90 Special Skills(*) Mooding Previous clans inF|      

Bernoulli Application

By FasBernoulli,
Hello all, i'm Matteo i'm an engineering student and i love to play on XG servers! Age  - 23 Location -  Italy (Udine) Gameranger ID   - FasBernoulli Time you have been playing cod4  - 5 years Experience in server management only some home server with friends Special Skills(*) Lucky?   Previous clans - Fas " Friulani Al Seguito"      Bye Bye, and thank for your reading!   Bernoulli 

I wanna join your clan :D

By envy,
Age: 16   Location:Namibia(its i africa dont judge xD)   Gameranger ID:8205537   Time you have been playing cod4: 2 and a half year   Experience in server management: i got a lot of experience because i had been admin almost every where like in av server(now known as Qc), Tuk, Ek, alot of people appreciated me as i was admin cuz i helped them in so many ways e.g i  was online most of the time, so when the was a hacker in the server i quickly got in, spectated and banned   Special Skills(*):None i guess   Previous clans: Tuk, Xgm, Akz, Hg, Please tell us why you would like to join us: I think xG is the right clan for me to join, because it has so many good players that i could also learn from and i also think that this clan is really good cuz of the talents it got and i bet it also has good people who will motivate you when playing matches such as clan wars.... i also think it is one of the best clans on game ranger. HOPE U ACCEPT ME  Please answer on all of these questions, we won't be able to help you if your application is incomplete. (*) What are special Skills? For example; Webdesign, Photoshop, Scripting, ..


ZG-Boy :)
By ZG-Boy :),
Cant login 

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