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    I want join ur clan ??

    By KaleKiri,
    Age 19
    Play On the day  3.4
    2 Years Play cod4


    Empire Shaikh
    By Empire Shaikh,
    Age:20 Location Pakistan Gameranger ID 5565644 Time you have been playing cod4 3-4 hours  Experience in server management  80 in inF|SnD Special Skills Mooding Previous clans inF Please tell us why you would like to join us: Because this is very best clan and i like it 

    Joining Clan

    By M!CK3Y,
    Age: 19 Location: Iran Gameranger ID: 8110080 Time you have been playing cod4: 8 Years Experience in server management: in every servers i have 60 or 40 or 100 Special Skills:.. Previous clans:i dont ahve Please tell us why you would like to join us: