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    By Ghost,
    Age:19 Location:Iran Gameranger ID:8110080 Time you have been playing cod4:2008 Experience in server management:i can ban hackers and balance teams if you want i know to mange Clan Special Skills: I dont have any idea  i  want you too see my game and rec em Previous clans: i dont  have any last clan Please tell us why you would like to join us: Cause i like xG Clan

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    ZG-Boy :)
    By ZG-Boy :),
    Age : 30 years old Location : Zagreb, Croatia Gameranger ID : 6965415 Time you have been playing cod4 : Since beggining , i was inactive some time , but playing now every day for last 2-3 years  Experience in server management : I was memever of FZ ... Ater that i had my own Clan N-Crew ( fall apart because of some people so i stoped paing for dedi and things ) , now a Leader od NK clan for last couple of weeks , I have good managment skills , i know java , php and lots more so i can help with losts of stuff , have a stady work as a Manager of one most pupular restaurants in Zagerb with good pay so i can donate on monthly base . You can find me on Facebook or we can allways be in touch on Viber or Whatsapp . Special Skills : As i already said in last sentence , i can be a quality member . Previous clans : NK ( leader ) , FZ ( member ), N-Crew (owner and leader ) ...  Please tell us why you would like to join us: For a long time trying to find a quality people to play with and heve fun . I was for some time playing on your servers but u disapiered , now i see u r back , and i hope we can do much more together . Chears M8 , hope u will take a time to read my Recruitment Topic .. Sinisa Mikuletic ( ZG-Boy  )


    By Ramiiiiiin,
    Age 25 Location Iran-Tabriz Gameranger 8243816 Time you have been playing cod4 about 7 years Experience in server management 60 Special Skills  no idea u have  too see me in game if u don't ban me for wh i can give any ss any  time u want Previous clans not fan on caln its my first clan in game ranger i am lord of NEXT caln long times ago on garena


    Miss_Milicaaaa :)
    By Miss_Milicaaaa :),
    Age- 18 Location- Serbia, Belgrade Gameranger ID- 4219713 Time you have been playing cod4- 4 years Experience in server management- 80 Special Skills-/ Previous clans- iG, RS Please tell us why you would like to join us: I am good person, I respect all the rules, I am not abusive, but hackers deserve ban..

    to be a clan member

    By W@!33D,
    Name:W@!33D Age:19 Gameranger id:4633369
    Gameranger ID ~ W@!33D
    Time you have been playing cod4:5-6 years
    Experience in server management Have 40 or 60
    Special Skills :sniping camping etc
    Previous clans:ez

    I want join ur clan ??

    By KaleKiri,
    Age 19
    Play On the day  3.4
    2 Years Play cod4


    Empire Shaikh
    By Empire Shaikh,
    Age:20 Location Pakistan Gameranger ID 5565644 Time you have been playing cod4 3-4 hours  Experience in server management  80 in inF|SnD Special Skills Mooding Previous clans inF Please tell us why you would like to join us: Because this is very best clan and i like it 

    Joining Clan

    By M!CK3Y,
    Age: 19 Location: Iran Gameranger ID: 8110080 Time you have been playing cod4: 8 Years Experience in server management: in every servers i have 60 or 40 or 100 Special Skills:.. Previous clans:i dont ahve Please tell us why you would like to join us: